The Lillywhite Family Museum

“Dedicated to Sport Since 1844”


The Lillywhite Family Museum is dedicated to the life, times and enterprises of the Lillywhite sporting family.  Starting with Frederick William Lillywhite, also known as “Old Lilly”, the nonpareil bowler, of early cricket fame and his famous cricketing sons John, James and Frederick, through his youngest son Harry, and Harry’s son William Lillywhite, both of whom returned to America in 1886 to help introduce and promote lawn tennis to the sporting gentlemen and ladies of the day.

The museum is based exclusively on the collection of “Lillywhite Ltd.”, “John Lillywhite Euston Square”; “James Lillywhite & Frowd Co”; and, “Harry Lillywhite & Son” merchandise, memorabilia, bibliotheca, vintage sporting goods, photos, magazine adverts, and other unique items.  Included in the collection are early “Lillywhite Brothers” sporting goods and books about them.

On August 1st, 2018 in Edgbaston,  England played their 1,000th Test Match. England played their first-ever Test match in 1877 against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. James Lillywhite (Jr) was the skipper of the first Test side that clashed with the Aussies.

The museum is an institutional member of the American Alliance of Museum and is owned and curated by John (Jack) W. Lillywhite, the great-great-grandson of Frederick Wm. Lillywhite.

We are located in Palm Coast, Florida our main exhibit and in Southampton, NY, our satellite venue.  We are a virtual museum that is visited only on the “internet of all things.”

Please take some time and peruse our collection on-line at your own convenience.